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Empowerment Self Defense
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Mobile App

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Our Mission

To create a mobile application for smartphones and tablets that delivers Empowerment Self Defense and other violence prevention techniques in an accessible, affordable, effective and intuitive AI-based interactive multimedia format.

Our Vision
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To change the culture of violence through education, awareness, skills and training by way of mobile app technology


Be a Beta Tester!

MyPwrApp is currently seeking individuals and organizations to test our Beta version. Beta testers must be capable of downloading our mobile app and navigating the app in English. There is no cost involved, but we will be asking for feedback on our features and user experience. 


Clear instruction and reinforcement exercises

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Grounding, focus and relaxation techniques

Access to an online, anonymous support community

Coaching and mentoring from experienced ESD trainers


Delivering Empowerment Self Defense, the most researched and effective violence prevention protocol available, in an interactive, multimedia, AI-driven mobile app. 

Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman, CEO

*Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman, MBA, CEO​

For 20 years she has created and supported Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) and Violence Prevention Education with the goal of building accessible programs worldwide. ​

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Sara Halevi - CMO

Sara has spent a decade as a marketing executive in the Start-up high tech ecosystem. Psychologist, speaker and published author with experience in  multimedia production, she has an arsenal of tools to bring visibility, unique branding and high energy to the company.​

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We want your Business

MyPwrApp has a business-to-business model that enables businesses to change the culture of violence and sexual harassment in the workplace. We will customize our app for your employees, using your branding, logo, colors, etc. Empowering your employees to stand up against interpersonal violence will make your workplace healthier, happier and more productive. For more information contact