What's Going On Here?

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Every day we interact with people…be they family, friends, co-workers, or strangers…both online and in real life. These people interpret the world very differently, processing and responding to stress in diverse ways to us.

If we are lucky, our closest and dearest have acquired the tools to manage their stress levels in healthy ways. However frequently we struggle too with the daily pressures and stresses of modern life. Often, we may witness people reacting in ways that are not ideal, and we may be faced with someone who is mid-tantrum. It is even possible that we ourselves create a drama situation and respond in ways that we are not proud of.

It is often the human response to think and over-think our reactions BUT the most important action, first and foremost, is to stop and THINK!

The 5 principles of ESD (Empowerment Self Defense) are:

THINK, YELL, RUN, FIGHT, TELL... We are encouraged to THINK first.

It is important to ask ourselves: What is going on here?

In the MyPwr app, we use this question as a tool to help us stay grounded and respond to the situation in a calm manner. We learn to reflect on the situation in front of us and take the time to seek out a healthy response.

Instead of responding immediately, we might decide to get help assessing the circumstances. We can choose to lean on a mentor for advice and ask someone we trust, “What do YOU think is going on here?”

Most importantly, we can use this question to assess whether we are in danger, and what we need to do to stay safe or get out of harm's way.

This is a reminder that the way in which we respond to life's challenges is a choice.

The MyPwr App provides the tools to both assess and address an issue and respond in a healthy and effective way.

When you are pushed to the test, we want you to be prepared! Are you ready?

Therefore "What’s going on here?" is the perfect name for the new MyPwr Weekly Newsletter.

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Annie Orenstein is a wife and mother and the founder/producer of "Spotlight on Women". Originally hailing from New York, Annie moved to Ma’aleh Adumim in Israel, 18 years ago.

For the past 15 years, Annie has been creating platforms for women in the performing arts to express themselves, providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and define who they are both onstage and off. She hosted and produced Spotlight on Women Radio for two years and penned articles for local and overseas newspapers.

Annie recently joined the MyPwr team, and works in the marketing department with Sara, Nadia and Batyah. She looks forward to creating engaging and meaningful content for the MyPwr community.

It is one of her life’s missions to help women and girls gain access to the tools they need to become empowered and healthy individuals.

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