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Community is an essential part of humanity and connecting communally is what keeps a culture alive and thriving as well as SAFE. In the word community, we find the two words commune and unity, the feelings of collective harmony are an integral part of the human social eco-system. Throughout the past two years what community is and how each individual connects with their community has been turned upside down and inside out, largely because of the pandemic. I think that the isolation aspect was damaging and hard for people for many different reasons, one of them is losing a connection to their community. Personally, community and gathering with like-minded women were integral to my journey as a Jew by choice. As a Jew of choice and as a woman, I depended on my community for education, inspiration, encouragement, and a sense of belonging. During the pandemic, I suffered from feeling disconnected from my community and in a way felt disconnected from my own spirituality without the space to practice rituals in a communal way (which is so powerful) and the support of my community which makes me feel safe and seen. When we gather it gives us a space to voice our personal stories, and the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and fears. Without a strong community how do we tell our stories, how do we help and uplift each other, and how do we maintain a collective harmony? In asking these questions and thinking about isolation the ESD (Empowerment Self Defense) principle of TELL comes to mind. Abusers and perpetrators of violence thrive on isolation and the victim being afraid to reach out to their community and TELL someone. Telling someone what happened to you is one of the most important and empowering parts of the healing process of a victim. If someone feels isolated and unable to TELL their side of the story the pain of that person stays with them. We need to be able to connect to our communities to continue telling our stories to protect others, find healing and inspiration, and create a community of empowerment. The MyPwr app provides mentoring and guidance from experienced ESD professionals, together with access to a supportive online community and an excellent, up-to-date resource library. The MyPwr app community is committed to the many aspects of keeping the user empowered, safe, and not isolated but supported.

Blog Contributor:

Batyah is the Marketing Admin at MyPwr. The ESD world is new to her but nevertheless so meaningful and she believes strongly in the company's mission to build a safer world.

She is originally from Los Angeles California, and moved to Israel almost 8 years ago. When she isn't chasing after her adorable toddler daughter, she is dancing, cooking, and writing poetry.

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