Seeing Beyond the Board & Meeting Your Most Powerful Self

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Today, we held a filming day for the MyPwr App and Sara Halevi, head of Marketing at MyPwr broke a board. She asked if she could break the board in a different way, since she once injured her hand, and uses it to play violin. Sara asked if she could break the board with her knee. She did it, and broke two more boards after that!

In general, when individuals learn ESD (Empowerment Self Defense) training for the first time, they come in with pre-existing, conceived notions and do not know their own strength. They are taught to think through and beyond the board they must break. They are encouraged to push past their limitations and break free of thoughts holding them back. When they are successful, they are elated, and smile from ear to ear feeling accomplished.

As we learn how to break boards, and discover inner strengths we never knew we had, we are also taught to set boundaries, and to trust our instincts as well. Sara trusted her own instinct and was confident that even though she had a physical limitation, she could break the board. She kept her eye on the goal and made it happen in her own way.

When we go beyond the board, we are challenging ourselves to see a reality that is not yet open to us yet. We can envision, and see a better world on the other side of any challenge, of any hardship. We can hope for something better if we see beyond what is blocking our path at this very moment.

Going into break a board is both challenging and exciting. The best part is knowing that if we have done it once, we can do it again. Like a muscle, when we face our challenges and see beyond the board, we can rewrite the script and create a better future for ourselves and the people around us.

The MyPwr App is not just any app. It is an app of hope and vision for a safer world without violence. We are empowering individuals with tools to thrive and meet their most powerful self.

This international Women’s Day, we will be breaking boards! Join us and meet your most powerful self!


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Annie Orenstein is a wife and mother and the founder/producer of "Spotlight on Women". Originally hailing from New York, Annie moved to Ma’aleh Adumim in Israel, 18 years ago.

For the past 15 years, Annie has been creating platforms for women in the performing arts to express themselves, providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and define who they are both onstage and off. She hosted and produced Spotlight on Women Radio for two years and penned articles for local and overseas newspapers.

Annie recently joined the MyPwr team, and works in the marketing department with Sara, Nadia and Batyah. She looks forward to creating engaging and meaningful content for the MyPwr community.

It is one of her life’s missions to help women and girls gain access to the tools they need to become empowered and healthy individuals.

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