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ESD- Empowerment Self Defense is making this world a safer place for women, girls and the general population around the world. It is a lofty and powerful dream that is needed now more than ever.

ESD Global’s mission is to prevent violence through groundbreaking self-defense programs. Its movement was established approximately 50 years ago.

Yudit Sidikman, is one of the co-founders of El Halev, an Israeli non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, Israel that strives to prevent sexual, emotional, and physical violence through innovative educational programs. Since 2003, Yudit and her team have brought thousands of women through El Halev and they have traveled the world to teach empowerment self-defense techniques. Together, they have strengthened the weak and broken, and have inspired hope for change.

Yudit is now the CEO and founder of the social tech startup called MyPwr!

“MyPwr is a company dedicated to bringing digital solutions for ESD globally.

Our goal is to create technology to bring empowerment self-defense into the hands of all who need and want it.”

The MyPwr App delivers self-defense and violence prevention tools in an affordable, accessible and dynamic smartphone format.

In the MyPwr App, like in the in-person ESD classes, individuals are encouraged to assess their situation and take steps towards their own personal safety by creating boundaries. The language of empowerment is universal, and based on the 5 principles:

Think, Yell, Run, Fight and Tell!

Women and girls from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds learn when and how to say NO in a way that is understood, with confidence and conviction. They are provided with the emotional and physical tools to navigate uncomfortable and even compromised situations.

Right now, the first version of the MyPwr App is in English and Hebrew, and intended for women only, aged 18 plus. Future app versions will be geared towards everybody with the aspiration of translating it into many languages.

There have been a tremendous amount of success stories to date of women and girls who have gotten themselves out of compromised situations and have stepped out of a cycle of violence as a result of their empowerment self defense exposure.

Their stories are being shared HERE.

Now, as the world continues to struggle on the home front with the pandemic, we need to take the Power of ESD from the outside in and put it in the palms of individuals around the world.

This is why MyPwr is committed to bringing Empowerment Self Defense home to you.

Join us in changing the culture of violence.

*The MyPwr App technology will soon be in its beta testing phase, and we invite you to become a Beta Tester as well!

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Annie Orenstein is a wife and mother and the founder/producer of "Spotlight on Women". Originally hailing from New York, Annie moved to Ma’aleh Adumim in Israel, 18 years ago.

For the past 15 years, Annie has been creating platforms for women in the performing arts to express themselves, providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and define who they are both onstage and off. She hosted and produced Spotlight on Women Radio for two years and penned articles for local and overseas newspapers.

Annie recently joined the MyPwr team, and works in the marketing department with Sara, Nadia and Batyah. She looks forward to creating engaging and meaningful content for the MyPwr community.

It is one of her life’s missions to help women and girls gain access to the tools they need to become empowered and healthy individuals.

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