About MyPwr App

Users train in Empowerment Self Defense and other violence prevention techniques, all on their mobile devices. The app enables users to practice setting and respecting boundaries, giving and receiving consent and learning to assess danger in all areas of life – relationships, social circles, family situations, the workplace, school and more. In addition, users learn and practice the principles of Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell – the core principles of ESD. These skills are presented in 21 multimedia lessons that include audio, video, text, animation and gaming formats.

A half-century of experience in and knowledge of Empowerment Self Defense has proven that teaching self-defense reduces violence. Through this knowledge we have created best practices for the effective delivery of primary violence prevention skills across all populations. Our partners in this work are the staff at El HaLev who have been at the cutting edge of teaching ESD both locally and globally. This app takes that knowledge and makes it available to anyone with a smartphone.

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Production Partners
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